• Batter Street Open Studio - Review

    On Saturday afternoon, 4th February 2017, I opened up my studio to the public.  After spending all week preparing the space, I was excited to share this new body of work post-university and most importantly to prove to myself that I can stand on my own two feet as an artist without the security of the academic environment, in other words trusting my own artistic and aesthetic decisions.

    The work I presented was a project I had been working on for 3 months.  This looks at approximately 5,000 found Polaroids dating from the 70s to the 90s, a photographic medium I had never worked with before.  So this was a whole new territory.  Experiment after experiment I chose to exhibit portraits from this collection that I peeled apart, washed gently with water, scanned and inverted.  Within the studio space I exhibited 24 portraits in a grid of three rows of eight, 1 large image 100 x 150 cm on 1mm thick aluminium of twins as a centre piece and 2 acrylic blocks 20 x 20cm of people sleeping laid flat on a pedestal.  Also I had two tables, one to show the actual Polaroids and another with my sketchbooks, experiments and processes.

    By the end of the event 22 people passed through the space; friends, members of Plymouth Arts Centre and others who just happened to be walking past the studio.  All in all it was a very successful day.  The work was well received; lots of very positive feedback and many questions arose.  Plus I now know which way to progress with these Polaroids and ideas I will work with.  One viewer commented:

    'Polaroid lives on in this incredibly disjointed yet perfectly curated bunch of families; even better when they are pulled from the substrate.'

    To view more of the work click here.